Two Must See Films About the Vaccine Injured and Epidemic of Fraud

By Steve Kirsch

The Unseen Crisis

This film, documenting the stories of the vaccine injured, is free if you are an Epoch Times subscriber. Otherwise, it is $4.

For example, Maddie de Garay [pictured with her mother] was permanently disabled within 24 hours after her Pfizer shot in the clinical trial with 1,131 kids (aged 12-15) getting the shot. [Roughly] 1 in 1,000 kids being permanently disabled due to the shot should have stopped the trial. But Pfizer covered it up and never reported the actual injury; they misreported it as abdominal pain, including in their paper published in the NEJM [New England Journal of Medicine]. No complaints from the mainstream medical community about scientific fraud have surfaced....

Epidemic of Fraud

This documentary by filmmaker John Davidson, is a masterpiece documenting the suppression and demonization of early treatments for COVID.

Davidson used to make ads promoting the vaccines until he was red pilled by the evidence he uncovered.

The film ends with Davidson writing to Janet Woodcock asking her to explain what he had found during the making of the film.

Woodcock’s reply was one of the highlights for me. It tells you everything you need to know.

The film is free. Just register your email address....