Embalmers Still Finding Mysterious Clots in the Vaccinated


"Reviewing the Results of a Recent Citizen's Investigation and What We Now Know about these Amyloid Clots"

One of the first articles I published here discussed the inexplicable blood clots allegedly being found within the vaccinated by embalmers across the world. I focused on this because:

Having a visual image one can viscerally feel is typically one of the most effective ways to convince people that a controversial subject exists and that they should care about it.

Since there was no established mechanism to explain how this could be possible, that was used as a reason to debunk the possibility it existed. In turn, since I had a viable mechanism to explain what was forming these clots, I felt it was important for our movement to get that explanation out there.

I originally created this publication because I wanted to bring awareness to a specific issue I felt was critical for everyone to learn about (that the trucker protests against the mandates were essentially mirroring what had happened over a century ago with the smallpox vaccines). At the time that happened, I spent months trying to get someone else to publish it on their platform, and eventually self-published it as a latch ditch effort because nothing else worked. Because of this (and how fortunate I was that my message ended up being heard), I really want to help people who are in the same position I was. In turn, when a group of readers here asked me if I could publicize their attempts to prove the clots were occurring, I was more than happy to oblige and promised to do so once it was completed.

Recently, they completed a second version of their survey so today I am publishing a follow up to my original discussion of their results (which incorporates everything we have learned since their first one).


Note: when I first started this Substack, the majority of America supported the vaccines (e.g., around 80% got at least one dose), whereas now, numerous polls have found that: approximately 50% of America believes the vaccines are unsafe or ineffective, approximately 50% believe the vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths and around 25% have either been injured by them or know someone who was. I believe the visceral understanding of this issue which was provided by these clots played a pivotal role in shifting the public’s perception on these products.