600,000 Deaths a Year and Nobody Cares

Steve Kirsch's January 10th newsletter presents data from two surveys concerning blood clots. 

The "Worldwide Embalmer Blood Clot Survey," authored by Thomas Haviland, and concluded in January 2024, presents a viewpoint involving embalmers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.[1] The other survey, titled “Embalmer Blood Clot Survey,” was completed in 2023 with a primary focus on the United States.[2]  The survey includes comments by embalmers:
#8    Almost every body that I embalm [has] lots of clots...;  and
#9    [I] embalmed over 500 people from 2020 to now and never have seen any of this...[3]
Kirsch also provides these thoughts:

*    The jabs are killing massive numbers of people.

*    600,000 American deaths a year and nobody cares. What is it going to take to get their attention?

* * *

[1]  Thomas Haviland, "Worldwide Embalmer Blood Clot Survey," December 2023-2024,  https://www.skirsch.com/covid/EmbalmerSurvey2023.pdf  (269 embalmers from the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia); 
[2] "Embalmer Blood Clot Survey," at https://www.skirsch.com/covid/EmbalmerSurvey.pdf
[3]  Id., pp. 13-14.