Trozzi: 80 Canadian Doctors Now Dead

Mark Trozzi MD

(Posted 10/24/22):  Around the world, the extreme body count of men, women and children who have been injured or died following the forced and misrepresented genetic injections, continues to grow. The injections are dangerous based on their declared content, but they have many undeclared toxic ingredients as well. No one is spared from the assault on our rights and health.

Though many doctors have maintained their income by complying with and participating in the criminal injection campaign; they are still required to roll up their sleeves and take their turns in this sick game of Russian roulette. In 2022 we now see dramatically increased death rates among young injected Canadian physicians.

Per a recent compilation of Canada’s growing number of injected and lost medical doctors, there are currently 80.  For more information about Dr. Trozzi, please go here.