Finland: Anti-Covid Measures Deemed Unconstitutional

Finland’s govt backs down on plan to lock city dwellers in their homes as proposed anti-Covid measures deemed unconstitutional
People in Helsinki protest government's Covid restrictions
by Antti Aimo-Koivist, Reuters

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Due to objections by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, "the government is of the opinion that… the proposal for temporary restriction of freedom of movement and close contacts must be withdrawn from the Parliament," Marin announced in a Twitter post on Wednesday.

The PM added that the Covid-19 situation remained "serious" in Finland, despite it being one of the least-affected nations in Europe. The country has so far recorded just over 76,800 cases of the disease and more than 820 deaths, and has been widely praised for its response to the highly-contagious virus.

Marin called on the public to spend Easter with their families, while avoiding unnecessary contacts and travel. "We still have to work together to make summer brighter for all of us," Marin wrote.