Dore: Montana Lockdown Cannot Go Forward

Dear Mayor Johnson and Council Members:

Mayor and Council
According to NBC Montana, Councilmember Hunter is encouraging restrictions on social gatherings. This proposal must be rejected:

1.  Lockdowns in other communities have resulted in economic devastation and suicide, including children. See: "New Mexico Boy, 11, Was Driven to Suicide by Extreme Isolation Brought About by Coronavirus, Parents Reveal," 08/05/20, 

2.  The proposed lockdown discussion and/or vote via video conference does not constitute a properly called public meeting, as many citizens have no practical access to attend and there is no pending emergency. I say this given the low case numbers and deaths relative to the total population. Any such vote would be void ab initio . 

3.  At the risk of seeming flippant, I think that George Carlin had it right, that the media has been pushing a germ fear narrative for years. I am originally from Seattle, the home of Bill Gates and his money making vaccines. Here, meaning Kalispell, we need to make the right decisions in the perspective of common sense.  

Thank you for your work.*   

Margaret Dore, Esq.
Kalispell MT  59901

* Should you be interested in listening to George Carlin's comments, click the following link (rough language alert):